Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs

We believe that registering and enlisting new products is key factor to expand our business, and due to the important role of this department for the company, the department enjoys full support from Nairoukh Pharma top management. 

Our Expert and professional team presents full and comprehensive regulatory & registration services to make your products portfolio available on the customer’s stores and shelves in a very short time.

Nairoukh Pharma have very good record of success in registering new products, new manufacturing sites and obtaining the best prices.

We work very closely with our partners to achieve the best results.

Our Service includes

  • Dossier preparation and development to be matched with JFDA standards.
  • Dossier submission through the best time
  • Registration follow-up and monitoring
  • Product sample submission & Regulatory approval.
  • Renewal Registration.
  • Submit Variations.
  • Pricing

If you are aiming to be one of the active players in the pharmaceutical field, consumer products in the Jordanian Market, then be confident that Nairoukh Pharma will be your best partner.​

Contact Information

Name : Dr. Israa Basheer