Supply Chain

Supply Chain

We believe that the Stock availability is one of the key factors that keep us competitive and active enough to have our brands market share and the agreed growth with our suppliers.  

Nairoukh Pharma invested in the human resources and technology to execute our supply plan and delivery accurate and consistent;

At Supply Chain department,

  • Long term forecasting (Up to 36 months).
  • 12 months (4Q dividends base) forecast.
  • Close Follow up for the current stock to manage any urgency.
  • Checkup shelf life, batches, Quantities, prices of the imported products.
  • Receiving approvals from health, customs authorities.
  • Preparing importing documents including invoices, packing list, JFDA permissions.
  • Checkup storage conditions through transportation and clearance.
  • Storing products in our inventory based on JFDA rules and regulations.
  • Keeping very cooperative communication with suppliers, sales & marketing department to track the agreed sales target.
  • Update reports with the achieved Sales figures.
  • Update system and reports for the demand plan.


If you are aiming to be one of the active players in the pharmaceutical field, consumer products in the Jordanian Market, then be confident that Nairoukh Pharma will be your best partner.​

Contact Information

Name : Mrs. Banan Nairoukh