Medex, established in 1954, they have always appreciated the hardworking bees, and kept and enriched the beekeepers tradition of collecting bee products and other gifts of nature. They are proud to be able to work with more than 2000 Slovenian beekeepers, and to deliver their produce to your home in their natural and safe form.

Medex products can be found on the shelves in more than 20 European countries and worldwide. They are based on standardised and controlled content of the main substances, thus providing constant quality. Medex have made connections with many institutions and professionals around the world, sharing and expanding our knowledge and experience, and providing continual education and training. We create new market niches and innovative products, and continually develop our products, product groups and Medex trademark.

Medex are delighted to have gained your trust and to see you as a part of the Medex success story, sharing with us a piece of unspoiled nature.

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